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You can either select a package below or submit a message via our contact page form and we will email you promptly to get your project requirements via a simple form and questionnaire.


We will review your  manuscript and come to a shared understanding about the theme, tone, and visual style best suited for your book cover, from that I will pull some images together to get a general direction together.


Once we get the general direction approved I will start to go into greater depth of detail and refinement until we have a stunning image for your book.


Once you have finalized the creative for the cover we fit to the correct template and we package up and deliver your cover and final assets — all ready for launch!

Book Cover Design

David Stoddard possesses the wonderful dexterity of hand on which the power of artistic execution mainly depends. He has a divine gift, a precious gift, he employs in God’s service. He is a master craftsman, an artist with understanding, wisdom, expertise, skill and ability for every kind of artistic work of book covers. The anointing on his covers and the anointing on the interior is causing even unbelievers to buy my book, even though God’s name is right on the title. It’s the anointing on the cover and interior that is drawing them in. David is able to design your cover beyond what you imagined it to be. Every person who has seen my book has said, ”OH I love the cover, who did it for you?” I am proud to recommend David to any author who has a good book to publish.
Deborah Williams

Author - Minister, Under His Wings

David has been easy to work with and has provided excellent top quality work for my book covers. Thank you David for listening well to my ideas and implementing your own that has made for an exciting and meaningful cover.
Judd Palmer

Author, Ask Her Out

David is absolutely top notch and you will be impressed by his business instinct as well as his creative eye. David helped me to come up with the cover of my book, Fullness of Joy. David took time and gave to me his expert knowledge in order to come up with what I felt was on my heart to convey. You will be extremely happy with his work and with the various packages that he offers. I couldn’t be more pleased!
Stephanie Claiborne

Author, Fullness of Joy

It’s been such a pleasure to work with David Stoddard on the cover of my book. He helped me to take a vision that was in my mind and create it into a piece of art. He worked diligently with me to really understand my heart and create something that represented my work. He was patient and helpful. David worked in a timely matter and was very responsive to all of my requests and input. He was easy to work with and it was clear from the beginning that his goal was to give me something I could be passionate about and be proud of. 
Kimberly Campbell

Author, What if?

David is one of my all time favorite graphic artists. If I ever need a book cover or any other work done, he’s the first person I go to because his work speaks for itself. David puts his heart into his art and has taken my ideas to a whole new level. He has already done two of my book covers and his work has far exceeded my expectations. He is a creative genius and someone I can trust to help make my dreams and concepts become a reality. I can wholeheartedly recommend him for any creative project.
Jennifer A. Miskov, Ph.D.

Founding Director of Writing in the Glory & Destiny House, Silver to Gold