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Ask Her Out is about so much more than asking a girl on a date. In this book, Judd walks with you through overcoming disappointment, pressing into hope, facing your fears and lies that have held you back into becoming the man of God you are designed to be, full of freedom, boldness, peace and hope. By walking towards freedom, we as men can live in reality, thriving in community, taking on adventures, and giving to others. The basis for being able to pursue women in a healthy way starts by being a healthy man. Are you going to give in to your comfort of isolation and always sticking to what you know or are you ready for a better life? Are you willing to accept God’s love for you and what He says about you and disregard the lies you have believed about yourself? Are you willing to allow God’s truth to set you free and open the door for thankfulness, peace, hope, abundance, and thriving relationships? Get ready to grow as a man and to pursue the life and the woman that you want to.
Judd Palmer is a living example of a Christian single man pursuing freedom, manhood and women. He is a National Board Certified Hearing Aid Specialist, and manager of a private practice. Judd is from the Portland OR area, and currently lives in Redding CA. Judd is passionate about seeing others set free from lies and fears that hold them back from experiencing life to the fullest. He enjoys the outdoors, good food, staying healthy, traveling, movies, laughing, family fun, playing games and going on dates with his fiancé.
In Ask Her Out, Judd Palmer helps men unravel some of the biggest mysteries they will confront on their relationship journeys. He shares his own story mixed with the powerful revelations he has received. You will be challenged and inspired to change your beliefs about God, yourself, and others as you move forward on the path to healthy mindsets about relationships. Steve Backlund – Igniting Hope Ministries