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Why I Couldn’t Stay Silent, David J. Harris Jr.

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About the book As a black man, a conservative, a father, a husband, and a Christian, I cannot remain silent any longer. What I witnessed during the presidential election of 2016 caused me to erupt with emotion. All of the negativity and deceit that was transpiring seemed to be casting a shadow over what I believed to be the most important issues affecting our country’s future. Why I Couldn’t Stay Silent tells a story of one man’s pursuit to shine light in the darkness and make sense out of the gloom clouding our country’s greatness. This book may challenge everything you currently believe about racism in America. My hope is that it causes you to reflect and ponder the solutions I present as possible answers to how we may come together and achieve excellence as a united nation. Take this journey with me as I walk through the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a black conservative in America. Forward “David is a man driven by intense passion, strong intellect, and endless positivity. His dedication to providing a focused, honest, and inspiring message of hope is something that I believe will reverberate—beyond this book and in chorus with the millions of hearts and minds that are on the brink of a shifting paradigm.” -Candace Owens David can be found on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube @DavidJHarrisJr